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  • How soon can I get delivery after I place my order?
    Stock items 48 hours, Special orders 6-8 weeks
  • Do you offer other colors or finishes for furniture than what is on your website?
    Yes. We refer to these as custom or special orders. Please email us or visit your nearest Furniture showroom to speak with a sales associate for further details.
  • Is the furniture on your website in stock?
    Thanks to our state-of-the-art computer network and distribution system, Furniture Gallery achieves more than a 95% in-stock status on merchandise displayed on our website and in our showrooms. To inquire about the stock of a specific item(s) please email us.
  • How should I care for my upholstered furniture?
    A Taking proper care of your new upholstered furniture will help keep it looking beautiful for many years. Remember, the same amount of dust that builds up on your end tables, coffee table and television also builds up on your upholstery; it’s just not as noticeable on fabric. To preserve that showroom look, vacuum your upholstered furniture regularly using the wand attachment. o If possible, flip and rotate your cushions once a month. Cushion flipping and rotating ensure even fabric fading and foam core wear. It’s kind of like rotating tires on your car. o If there are zippers on the backs or arms of your furniture, don’t hesitate to unzip them, reach inside and fluff the stuffing. It’ll keep your furniture looking new longer. o Have your upholstered furniture cleaned by a trained, insured professional. It’s a small investment that will extend the beauty life of your furniture. o Avoid eating and drinking while sitting on your upholstery, and make sure to clean up spills immediately before they soak in.
  • How do I clean my leather furniture?
    Use a solution of mild detergent and water to clean your leather furniture. Never use anything harsh to clean it, such as saddle soap or mink oil. Most large grocery and department stores sell appropriate leather cleaning products. After you clean the leather, apply leather-upholstery-specific conditioner to keep it supple and buttery soft.
  • What are furniture cleaning codes?
    Furniture cleaning codes tell you what cleaning method the manufacturer recommends for your furniture’s fabric. Cleaning codes are found on a label, tag or stamp located on the fabric itself. Here are some upholstery cleaning codes and what they mean to you: W - Spot clean with water-based upholstery shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. Avoid over-wetting the fabric. Use a professional cleaner for overall cleaning. S - Use a water-free upholstery cleaning agent for occasional spot cleaning. Don’t use water—it may cause shrinking, bleeding or water spots. WS - Use either water-based or solvent-based upholstery cleaners to spot clean. X - Don’t use any cleaning chemicals. Instead, use a nonmetallic brush to loosen soil from the fabric. This cleaning code is most commonly found on silk- and satin-upholstered products.
  • Who delivers my new furniture to my home?
    Our world-class furniture delivery teams consist of two specialists to ensure careful placement of the furniture inside your home. First, we open and inspect your items prior to delivery to assure the highest standard of quality. Then, our delivery team will set up and assemble the furniture in your room of choice. Please note: we will not move your existing furniture. For timely and safe delivery, please make sure your room is ready!
  • What are my options for paying for my purchase?
    Furniture Gallery accepts American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard.
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